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Printable Word Search Puzzle : Authors 1

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Word Search Puzzle Clues:

  A. B. Guthrie
  Albert Camus
  Aldous Huxley
  Anatole France
  Anthony Trollope
  Arnold Bennett
  Arthur Koestler
  Charles Dickens
  Charlotte Brontė
  D. H. Lawrence
  Daniel Defoe
  Edgar Allan Poe
  Edward Morgan Forster
  Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  Émile Zola
  Emily Brontė
  Ernest Hemingway
  F. Scott Fitzgerald
  Franz Kafka
  Frederick Marryat
  Fyodor Dostoevsky
  George Eliot
  George Meredith
  George Orwell
  George Robert Gissing
  Graham Greene
  Gustave Flaubert
  Guy de Maupassant
  H. G. Wells
  Henry Fielding